Why You Need to Carbon Balance Your Flights

Air travel is the biggest sin of all when it comes to contributing carbon into the atmosphere. Many people who live fairly consciously may take a flight or two per year, giving themselves that little treat despite an overall green lifestyle. But just one transatlantic flight releases 2 or 3 tonnes of Co2 into the atmosphere, making it by far the biggest factor in most people’s footprint.

‘We offset carbon for a living’ commented Daren Howarth of CLevel, a UK based offset group, ‘and the staggering thing is how little people understand about the real consequences of flying. Air travel already accounts for over 5% of global warming, but that’s beside the outputs of big industry. On a personal level, it will be the single biggest thing people can do less of if they want to halt climate change.”


Airline Carbon

So what’s so bad about Flying?

  • High C02 Emissions
  • Vapour Trails
  • Radiative Forcing worsens impact
  • tropospheric ozone production

What You Can Do to Make a Difference ?

  1. Fly Less, Use alternative means of travel
  2. Responsibly offset your journeys via holistic methods
  3. Choose your airline wisely – some are much greener than others
  4. Campaign for tighter regulations on airlines at the national level